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Palmistry and Psychic Readings


The art of palm reading “chiromancy “originates from India and gypsy fortune tellers. Everyone’s hand is completely different and we know this from the way that the police keep a record of criminal fingerprints.

Drugs and Psychic Reading

Crystal Ball

Since prehistory, Shamans all over the world have used special drugs to induce a Psychic Reading state or when receiving a Psychic Reading in order to comprehend a special message. The drugs used in these contexts are many and varied, but they are usually called “entheogens” since, rather than being used for recreation or medicine, they are used to interact with deity.

Destiny and Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings

There are those who are afraid to seek out a Psychic Reading because they are afraid of what they will find. As if the future were written in stone, and they wouldn’t want to see it at all. They’d rather trust that life will find a way than trust a Psychic Reading. It sounds perfectly reasonable if destiny were a fixed condition of existence, and time were simply marching forward to meet it.

Text A Psychic – A Service That Solves All Problems

Psychic Reading

Are strange things occurring in your life for which you have no answers? Have you a feeling that something bad might happen to you? Do you feel that there are different things happening in your life, which are causing you a lot of pain and discomfort? Are you always falling sick for no reason? If you are going through some of these problems, then it is just the accurate time to look for answers to them. One method of finding answers to your problems, so that you can resolve them is to get a psychic reading.

Psychic Reading Just For Fun

Psychic Reading Just For Fun

There are many who use a Psychic Reading every day as a vital way to connect their life choices with their goals and spirituality. However, there are many more who just want a Psychic Reading for entertainment and nothing more! This article will address how to tailor your Psychic Reading experience if you just want […]

Healing From A Distance, Soliciting The Universal Spirit

Healing from a distance

Absent healing, sometimes named to as distance healing, is a healing procedure of which, through the powerfulness of prayer or rite of an individual not physically close the healer. Absent healing does not call for a special appointment but can be done from a distance at any time. The healing takes place when the person […]

Enhancing Your Paranormal Abilities

Enhancing your paranormal abilities

What is a paranormal? He or she is someone who has an amazing power to pick up selective information that average senses can’t. These abilities allow the psychic to sense a person’s time to come, talk to the dead, help people to know who they actually are and live a balanced life. They may also […]

Using Daily Tarot Psychic Reading for Meditation

Tarot Psychic Reading

The tarot cards are a very useful tool for Psychic Reading because they have very clearly defined interpretations so that even the layperson can perform their own Psychic Reading. Not only that, tarot cards increase your ability to do other forms of Psychic Reading by building a language bank of symbols that your subconscious can […]

Tarot Instant Gratification

Tarot Instant Gratification

There is nothing more satisfying than being aware what opportunities exist. Having the knowledge of what to avoid or how to increase your standard of living. Numerous times we have looked to the past and said, “I wish I had known, I would have done something another way. Hind sight is 20-20.” So what if […]

What Is Astrology?

Psychic Reading

A lot of individuals think that all type of astrology is fallacy combined with the occult, which can only be interpreted by mystics immersed in the supernatural. Did you know that Astrology was a science in humankind’s ancient history?

Until the 20th century it was considered part of astronomy since it made use of the same charts as astronomers and navigators.