Healing From A Distance, Soliciting The Universal Spirit

Healing From A Distance, Soliciting The Universal Spirit

Absent healing, sometimes named to as distance healing, is a healing procedure of which, through the powerfulness of prayer or rite of an individual not physically close the healer. Absent healing does not call for a special appointment but can be done from a distance at any time.

The healing takes place when the person contributing the healing is not in direct contact with the person to be mended. It is very useful since participation can be done virtually anytime and anyplace. Absent healing has many other names: distance treatment, remote treatment, distance treatment, distance psychic treatment, distance holistic treatment or therapy, remote holistic healing, distance Reiki light, remote spiritual help, distance healing energy transmittal among others.

Psychic healing is also sometimes called faith healing, which is used by Christian churches to heal through prayer, sometimes for individuals in their fold or somebody in other location, which in essence is absent healing.

Absent Healing is a powerful technique that taps Universal sources, which is the purest form of energy available, often brings improvement where contemporary scientific medicine fails. Absent healing is not only for the physical body, but helps a person’s entire being.

Many individuals have been helped hugely by my absent healing over the years, receiving relief from both emotional and bodily pain. Spiritual healers believe that absent healing can be every bit as powerful and successful as when the person is actually there with the healer. Some healers use the unique power of quartz crystals, as well as other natural stones, and exclaim that they work solely on the name ‘vibration’ entirely. Absent Healing can be applied by a personal healer or by a group of people.

Most Spiritualist use some form of an invitation to participate, rather than a more directive type of absent healing, in order to nullify any risk of attempting unethical hindrance by send healing energy to someone who has not agreed to be on the accepting end. Many healers perform psychic readings of past lives to discover a possible mind/body/soul link to a person’s reincarnations.

In order for a psychic healer to cure a person whether absent or not, must first go into a trance, a form of meditation, in order to read a body to determine troubles and problem areas. Since the healer envisions the energy field or aura of the person, this is a form of a psychic reading.

Absent Healing or Distance Healing does not have to be specific to just people, did you know that people can help to heal the Globe? Everyone has been given the force to heal and create a major difference whether or not the globe stays healthy and whole for future generations. By working with others of like mind, and together people can make impressive changes in the world.

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