Drugs and Psychic Reading

Drugs and Psychic Reading

Since prehistory, Shamans all over the world have used special drugs to induce a Psychic Reading state or when receiving a Psychic Reading in order to comprehend a special message. The drugs used in these contexts are many and varied, but they are usually called “entheogens” since, rather than being used for recreation or medicine, they are used to interact with deity.

Clients and readers often ponder whether an entheogen should be used with a particular Psychic Reading practice. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. Certainly they’ve been used successfully in Psychic Reading for thousands of years. However, the culture we live in today is very different from those that include entheogens, to the point where drugs are more easily abused than used successfully.

The use of entheogens may have health problems associated directly with their consumption during a Psychic Reading, may cause immediate danger to someone under the influence, or may trigger mental illness in some who are predisposed. Using entheogens as a crutch during a Psychic Reading can actually confuse the message or make both the practices of using the entheogen and the Psychic Reading completely ineffective when used together needlessly or without experience.

Worst of all, casual use of ethnogens can make their use become illegal, causing traditional or native practitioners to no longer be able to access them.

For example Seer’s Sage or Salvia divinorum was chewed harmlessly by natives in Mexico for healing Psychic Reading. When it made it to the United States, some used it as an entheogen for Psychic Reading, but others began to smoke it, which made the drug harmful to the lungs, for recreational purposes.

This led to use of it by children and even potential intoxicated driving and dangerous falls or other injury during it’s use. As a result, the drug with no toxic effects is still being made illegal in some states, preventing it’s traditional use during Psychic Reading by practiced experts.

Most in our culture who want to use an entheogen during a Psychic Reading are not traditional practitioners. They are more likely recreational drug users, however responsible they may be, who are looking for a new experience. Such people should extend their responsible use to exclude entheogenic Psychic Reading, that accidental prohibition might be prevented and people who only use entheogens in a religious context can continue their practice.

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