Tarot Instant Gratification

Tarot Instant Gratification

There is nothing more satisfying than being aware what opportunities exist. Having the knowledge of what to avoid or how to increase your standard of living. Numerous times we have looked to the past and said, “I wish I had known, I would have done something another way. Hind sight is 20-20.” So what if you could identify what could be?

Think of yourself, with a person who is so in touch with the cosmos that you can feel the wisdom in the room. The psychic hands you a deck of pictorial cards, called the Tarot and asks you to think about what you need and to shuffle or cut the cards. As the mystic begins to lay the cards on a table, you feel a sense of expectancy to learn what the will happen.

The psychic begins to speak and as his or her interpretation progresses you realize that the psychic reading is so accurate, you think the fortune-teller must have made inquiries. You’re told about your past, and what’s happening presently. You’re amazed and short of breath; you can’t believe what you’re hearing. Then, they tell you what will possibly happen if you do not change the path your on.

Tarot has been used for ages in most parts of the world and changes from area to area. But the most widely used deck has seventy-eight cards. The Major Arcana contains twenty-two cards without suits. These cards show you the important things of life like love, happiness, and your destiny.

The Minor Arcana which shows you lesser things, like wealth are a group of fifty-six cards and are divided into four suits of fourteen cards each. Just like a regular deck of playing cards, each suit numbers one through ten and have four court cards; king, queen, jack and knight. The suits’ names have changed over the decades but are most commonly named, swords, batons or wands, rods or staves, and coins or pentacles or disks.

Anyone can learn skills to interpret these cards, but a psychic must have a deeper connection to the continuum to be able to read well. We all have a certain amount of psychic ability; some people are born with ability, where insight and clairvoyance comes easily.

These individuals have an understanding of the energies surrounding us, with the skill to see what other people can’t fathom. These intuitive insights allow the psychic reader to interpret the Tarot with perception and comprehension, to produce for you psychic readings that are real and original, and are for you only.

So how about an experience that’s out of this world? With our new innovations in technology, you can receive psychic readings over the phone, over the World Wide Web via email, or you can confidently text a psychic and have your psychic reading saved in your cell phone to read any time you desire. Enjoy!

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  1. Judy Hogan says:

    I know many people think astrology is evil .It is the work of the devil and that but , in my opinion, astrology is the one thta is hidden from us , because it explains the truth about our life and how our life begin in this earth.everyone should know about astrology.

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